Disease Management allows Advantage Home Care, through clinical pathways, to manage utilization for patients with chronic diseases. Advantage Home Care is providing wound care, cardiac, diabetes, rehabilitation and surgical recovery disease management programs to ensure quality patient care while controlling costs through a demonstrated plan of care.


Advantage – wound care@home

  Advantage Home Care is utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach in providing treatment in a setting most preferred by patients - at home. Standardized wound management protocols based on best practice guidelines promote consistency in practices and outcomes, which are collected for monitoring and benchmarking. Updates are provided to referral  sources and patients family so that they may monitor their patient's wound as it heals.  

Advantage – heart@home

  Advantage Home Care cardiac disease management program enables us to deliver the most appropriate quality care for our patients while measuring outcomes and reducing patient need for urgent/emergent care. The program utilized standards of practice which are encompassed in our clinical tracks with a focus on patient self management of subtle/acute signs and symptoms. The primary cardiac diagnoses for the Heart at Home program are congestive heart failure, congestive heart failure with inotropic infusion, heart transplant, heart transplant with infusion, myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass graft, hypertension (acute/unstable) and cerebrovascular accident.  

Advantage – diabetes@home

  The Advantage Home Care Diabetes disease management program has been developed to educate the patients. Patients and their families learn basic survival skills, as well as self-management techniques necessary to control diabetes and the acute and chronic complications associated with it. The Diabetes@Home program incorporates the components of structure, process and outcome as established by the ADA.  

Advantage – rehab therapy@home

  Advantage's Rehab Therapy @ Home Program can help improve strength and mobility, balance, swallowing and communication disorders, and incontinence issues, with the goal of promoting the patient's independence. After an evaluation by a clinician, an individualized program is developed for each patient and administered where the patient feels most comfortable-at home. Our clinicians coordinate services for management of acute and chronic diseases including: CHF, COPD, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, CVA, Progressive Neurological Disorders, Dementia, and Incontinence.  

Advantage – orthopedic recovery@home

  Whether it's a broken hip or elective knee surgery, Advantage Home Care knows that patients would rather have orthopedic rehabilitation in the comfort of their own homes. Our therapists are trained to provide treatment for hip and knee replacements, back injuries, arthritis, complex fractures, and other orthopedic problems.  

Advantage – surgical recovery@home

  Advantage Home Care has developed a Surgical Recovery program designed to give patients back their functional independence and provides maximum clinical outcomes. Our protocols allow patients to recover at home with the reassurance that their post-operative care needs are being met by highly professional and skilled nurses and therapists in accordance with their physician's orders and nationally recognized standards of care.  

Advantage – behavioral health@home

  Advantage Behavioral Health at Home program is designed to meet the home health needs of our psychiatric patients. The services provided in the program effectively provide transition from the hospital to the home with ease for the patient and family. The services also may facilitate adjunct therapy for existing patients with psychiatric needs. Our psychiatric nurses assess the home environment and provide coordination of care for the patient and family, along with the psychiatrist and/or primary care physician to make sure the needs of the patient are being managed effectively.  


  Advantage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at Home program enables us to deliver the most appropriate quality of care for our patients while measuring outcomes and reducing emergent care/hospitalization rates. The program is designed to help improve the quality of life for patients living with COPD. Teaching self-management and early intervention skills are keys to improving the quality of life. Through the active involvement of the patient and caregiver in the management of their disease, the treatment plan will help prevent or delay complications for those living with COPD, and help the patient achieve the best possible outcome.  

Advantage – stroke recovery@home

  Advantage's Stroke Recovery at Home Program enables us to deliver quality care for our patients who have recently suffered from stroke by educating them and their caregivers on all aspects of recovery including prevention of future strokes and the recognition of early warning signs. Patients appropriate for our program include those who have a primary diagnosis of stroke or have a stroke-related disorder such as weakness, paralysis, or dysphagia. Advantage's  treatment plan promotes a healthy lifestyle, while reducing complications with the after effects of stroke.  

Advantage – chronic kidney disease@home


The Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) program focuses on identification and treatment of kidney disease. The program provides early assessment, intervention and education on risk factors associated with the development of CKD. By partnering with physicians and other health care providers, such as dieticians and renal clinics to help implement this program, we can ensure our patients receive superior care--while improving their quality of life and overall outcomes.


Advantage – pain management@home

  Many people with chronic pain try to endure it. But untreated, the physical and emotional effects of chronic pain can be devastating. Advantage pain management program is designed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain. A comprehensive team approach that actively involves the patient and caregiver is implemented to develop a holistic treatment plan based on each patient's individual condition.  

Advantage – specialty rehab programs

  As part of our Disease Management programs, Advantage Home Care offers Specialty Programs for our Rehabilitation patients. These programs are based on the philosophy that aging is not a disease and that functional mobility and quality of life are key outcomes for the geriatric patient. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists are able to best meet the needs of the geriatric population with chronic diseases.  

Advantage – lymphedema@home


Advantage Home Healthcare lymphedema is unique and innovative program which utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in conjunction with the Sequential Circulator 3308 device. Program has been proven to reduce fibrosis and edema, stimulate circulation to promote wound healing and decrease pain. Effective for patients who are recovering post mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation therapy, pelvic surgery lymphedema, groin lymphedema, congenital lymphedema, venous insufficiency, venous stasis and prevention of thrombosis(blood clots).

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