Each patient is unique. We will support each and single individual with specialized care plans which may include:

Diabetes - providing assistance with maintaining a healthy diet; ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed by the doctor; managing your sugar levels; supporting you in your exercise routine; alerting you to symptoms that require medical attention.

Heart Disease - providing assistance with maintaining a healthy diet; manage medication reminders; supporting your lifestyle changes; identifying and minimizing risk factors; helping with exercise routine; monitoring blood pressure.

Stroke – assisting with walking and transferring; helping with meal preparation and personal hygiene; forming strategies for verbal and non-verbal communications; helping with exercise program; teaching loved ones about the symptoms to watch out for.

Alzheimer’s – keeping your loved ones safe at home; developing a solid routine that is supportive; helping you cope with signs and symptoms including memory and concentration problems; manage medication reminders; reduce stress; provide companionship.

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